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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Go to fullsize image         "Dawg,you must be crazy,..I've heard of a chick waitin' on a dude,but you a dude waiting for your Princessa'?" "What's wrong with that? I see myself going to school,improving my life,working out,setting career goals to prepare myself for my woman."
          "I'll tell you what's wrong with it..."The voice came from the corner of the sports bar.It was one of his friends from high school."Man,you be preparing yourself for one woman,getting your"it"together..what you think she doin' meanwhile?You think she waitin' on your'dreamin' ...? Naw,she somewhere gettin her freak on.."
           The room filled with laughter, all laughed except for a few fella's ..who seemed to be more curious than convinced one way or the other.
       " Okay,I gotta question"said one of the silent few."How will you deal with your freakiness when you need her?"
      "That won't be easy"he answered."But it ain't easy anyhow.Most of the time you try but ain't scoring either.When you get someone who is always available for you..pretty soon..she wanna get married.But you don't want her cuz' you really don't respect her in a marriage way.Am I right??"
         "So,I'm gonna' get off the merry-go round...I'm gonna' become respectable then find me a Lady that I can respect and make her my wife."



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